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Accelerating business outcomes for insurers

Unparalleled value for your clients, engaging more people and supporting better health and wellbeing

Our customer-focused platform encourages third-party solution integration, enabling you to promote one single digital member platform, while increasing the effectiveness of vendors you already work with.

Highly customisable, the platform offers flexible incentives and rewards, and resources that engage your members – every day – across their full healthcare and wellbeing journey.

Leading insurers are partnering with Virgin Pulse to reinvent themselves for the digital age and deliver unmatched value to demonstrate their relentless commitment to clients’ success.

Increase Flexibility

Empowering clients

A scalable solution you can make your own. Our highly customisable platform offers flexible incentives and rewards, and a highly configurable challenge library that engages and delights members, every day, across the full healthcare and wellbeing journey.

Increase Insights

Actionable data

Evaluate members’ health risk, programme awareness and engagement easily. Leveraging a broad data set including biometric, and demographic data to understand members’ profile.

Designed to deliver targeted, personalised experiences, identify gaps in care and member compliance, and prove tangible ROI for clients.

Increase Utilisation

Enabling members

Helps members make the best decisions about their health by driving daily interactions that create lasting behavioural change, and improved wellbing and loyalty.

Members are able to make the best, most cost-effective decisions about their health.

Increase Value

Engaging members

Fun programmes, activities and challenges at at every stage that engage members, every day, across the full healthcare and wellbeing journey.

From mental health programming to team challenges – we keep employees highly engaged with daily nudges, gamified programmes and a one-of-a-kind experience.

  • 75%

    Member who engage daily with the platform

  • 7

    Average number of habit-building interactions a day

  • 95%

    Clients retained – our clients love us!

It’s time to activate change.

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