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World class partner ecosystem sourced for you.

Save time and money leveraging our curated ecosystem of partners.

Accelerate your benefits with an orchestrated experience designed to improve health, lower costs, increase productivity, and reduce stress.

Our partner ecosystem seamlessly enables you to choose from a collection of integrated partners in a one-contract buying solution. Choose from the most sought-after partners in categories like mental health, chronic condition management, nutrition, family health, physical activity, and more.

Meaningful and Measurable Value

Streamline partner procurement

Capitalise on our one-contract buying solution and eliminate the need to meet with and negotiate with multiple vendors separately.

Choose from the best

Innovate your benefits experience with best in class partner solutions.

Skip the vetting

We scour the globe for the best partners. Every partner is pre-vetted to ensure they meet our standards of security, data sharing and privacy.

Drive utilisation

We make it easy to integrate and promote third-party solutions and drive awareness, usage and impact both on-platform via web and mobile, and off-platform via communications.

VP+ Partner Bundle

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It’s time to activate change.

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