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Virgin Pulse Takes Personalised Wellbeing to the Next Level with New AI-Powered Homebase for Health® Enhancements 

New advanced tools, DEI content, and custom capabilities meet the diverse and growing needs of members, driving greater engagement and outcomes

The workforce wellbeing crisis is growing worldwide and organisations are seeing the impact on their people and their business.(1)  

To get ahead of these negative trends, and even reverse them, Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health, wellbeing, and navigation company, is unveiling a slate of new AI-powered enhancements to its Homebase for Health® platform. These updates come as a result of a significant update to the company’s personalisation engine to better predict and serve individual needs, customise the member experience, and deliver stronger outcomes with whole person engagement.  

“There is nothing more personal than a person’s health,” said Chris Michalak, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “We prioritised our platform roadmap with this in mind to advance our offering for current and future members. We’ve invested the capital, resources, and technology to create the most personalised platform on the market that provides support for everyday living. The numbers speak for themselves: 87% of members say Virgin Pulse has changed their lives.”  

Virgin Pulse’s personalisation engine creates a 360-view of populations and generates millions of actionable insights every minute. The company has recently enhanced the engine and expanded its social determinants of health data inputs to provide dynamic personalisation. These upgrades provide near real-time recommendations based on new data or activity that powers its AI models, such as engagement data, device information, claims, and eligibility files. The expanded database enables Virgin Pulse to find the member’s “data doppelganger,” which is a virtual representation of someone like the member (but not the exact person). Using “data twinning,” Virgin Pulse can fill in the gaps about the member, allowing the system to better prepare for and react to their needs. With this approach(2), the personalisation engine has a much fuller picture of who members are today, as well as actions they might take in the future.   

As a market leader and innovator, Virgin Pulse routinely releases new features, functionality, and enhancements to the Homebase for Health platform. Notable recent release items include:  

  • Expanded content platform-wide – A critical component to engaging more people is having a robust library of content that is relevant and valuable for them. Virgin Pulse has expanded its content in numerous ways including: enhancements to its Health Check survey, with new questions and flow to reach a wide range of populations; new Daily Cards that support DEI initiatives such as ableism and fatherhood, among others; and Video additions like yoga and stretching to provide members with more options to get moving.   
  • New personalised action list – Virgin Pulse members know that small, achievable steps help reach goals. Now they can access a daily, curated rundown of recommendations tailored to the member and aligned with the client’s selected goal: experience, culture, or health outcomes. Members will see tailored reminders like, “Track healthy habits,” “Schedule a coaching session,” “Book a primary care visit,” and “Add a friend.”   
  • New Journey segmentation – Clients can select the content most relevant to their organisational goals and member populations, providing greater flexibility for companies to manage the Journey content visible to different member audiences. For example, clients can make diabetes support content available just to the appropriate population, while providing smoking cessation content to those who are trying to live tobacco-free.  

Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health platform is the single destination for people to manage their health and total wellbeing. It combines the best of technology and human connection, ensuring that members are just one click away from digital or live expert support. Homebase for Health leverages a proprietary combination of behaviour science and data on over 275 million people to predict what an individual needs to be successful in their journey. Then, incentives and social components motivate people to take action. By connecting data, people, and technology, every member gets served up a personal, engaging experience. With this approach, Virgin Pulse has:  

  • Engaged users – Members engaged at least 6 times daily on average with a sustained engagement rate of 50%.  
  • Created habits – 73% of members developed positive daily habits.  
  • Improved clinical metrics – 70% of members experience improved clinical health metrics across BMI, blood sugar levels, and blood pressure.  
  • Reduced stress – 52% of members maintained healthy or reduced stress levels; 46% of those who engaged in three+ coaching sessions reported stress reduction.  
  • Improved productivity at work – Drove a 16% productivity gain for employer clients who offer Virgin Pulse.  
  • Increased retention – Employers who use Virgin Pulse have experienced up to 40% reduced turnover.  


(2) Currently available in the U.S. only.