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Virgin Pulse and Headspace deepen relationship to help employers tackle employee mental health crisis  

Full suite of Headspace offerings now integrated with Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® to help organisations more easily address a critical element of ​​whole person wellbeing  

Providence, R.I. and Santa Monica, Calif., June 28, 2023 –  

Addressing employee mental health concerns is one of the top challenges companies are facing today, from work-related stress and burnout to depression and anxiety. Virgin Pulse, the leading global digital-first health, wellbeing, and navigation company, and Headspace, the provider of the world’s most comprehensive digital mental health platform, today announced an expanded relationship to make it easier for employers and health plans to provide high-quality, affordable mental health resources to their employees and plan members.  

Now, organisations** using the Virgin Pulse health and wellbeing platform will have integrated access to the full suite of Headspace offerings as part of Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem, including behavioral health coaching, therapy, psychiatry, and employee assistance programme (EAP) services. As part of the relationship, Virgin Pulse now also provides Headspace’s offerings to its employee base of approximately 2,000 people worldwide.  

It is not a surprise that mental health concerns remain a challenge today among most companies and employees, given the many stressors affecting people across most geographies and demographics over the past several years. The recent 2023 Global Workplace Wellbeing Survey from Virgin Pulse found that mental health is one of the biggest challenges impacting organisations today, as indicated by more than one-third of HR leaders. Half of HR and benefits leaders surveyed (56%) felt that providing support for mental health concerns was the most important issue to address with their health and wellbeing programme, followed by stress management (49%).   

Headspace’s app has been available to Virgin Pulse clients for several years through its partner ecosystem and has helped members reduce stress, sleep soundly, develop healthy habits, and feel better. Virgin Pulse’s comprehensive partner ecosystem helps organisations close gaps in care across 25 health and wellbeing categories while addressing the most common and costly health concerns.  

Now, companies using Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health® platform can choose to have access to the full suite of Headspace offerings to support the mental health and wellbeing of their employees, complementing the impactful guidance from 200 coaches and actionable mental health content Virgin Pulse offers.  

The Headspace suite includes:  

  • On-Demand Employee Assistance – The Headspace EAP ensures employees have access to a comprehensive suite of services supporting a broad range of mental health needs, including work-life services like legal and financial resources, and organisational services to augment and support teams.  
  • Coaching and Clinical Care* – With Headspace Care services, individuals can access the right care at the right time, from behavioral health coaching to complex clinical support. They have 24/7 access to a team of highly trained behavioral health coaches to build coping skills and manage day-to-day stressors related to general wellbeing, work, family, and relationships, among others. They can also access high-quality, evidence-based clinical care provided by licensed therapists, trained in a range of clinical specialties and data-driven treatment modalities, as well as psychiatrists who collaborate with coaches and therapists to ensure the entire care team is working toward the same care plan.  
  • Self-Guided Care – Employees can access on-demand, self-guided mindfulness and meditation exercises through the Headspace app. With more than 1,000 hours of mindfulness content, users can access evidence-based guided meditations, eyes-open exercises like mindful walks and runs, breathing and wind-down exercises, focus music, sleep content, and more.  

“Market uncertainty and increasing workplace pressures are placing greater stress on employees and employers, as well as their health plans, and taking a drastic toll on our collective mental health and wellbeing,” said Russell Glass, CEO of Headspace. “Headspace and Virgin Pulse have a shared purpose of wanting to improve people’s lives. Together, we are making it easier for employers and health plans to offer a range of mental health services that will drive better wellbeing, helping their businesses thrive.”    

“You can’t address whole person wellbeing without addressing mental health – it’s a critical pillar in the equation. There is also a direct correlation between mental wellbeing and employee engagement, productivity, retention, and culture, yet business leaders often struggle with how to best support their people,” said ​​Chris Michalak, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “By offering specialty programmes like Headspace alongside our expert coaching and valuable content, Virgin Pulse provides a whole person health experience and helps companies across the world prioritise their employees’ mental wellbeing.”  

Virgin Pulse’s partner ecosystem programme makes it easy for companies to provide their employees with solutions that address their populations’ specific needs, and eliminates administrative burdens by completing thorough partner reviews along with handling vendor contracting, procurement, and billing on behalf of clients. Partner solutions – like the Headspace suite – are seamlessly integrated and accessible through Virgin Pulse’s Homebase for Health platform, which provides a single-entry point to comprehensive digital capabilities and live services, optimising user experience and utilisation. Combined with personalised recommendations and incentives, Homebase for Health guides members to make the best possible decisions at every stage of their health and wellbeing journey.   

Tapping into the two companies’ collective expertise, Headspace’s Chief Social Impact and Diversity Officer, Dr. Wizdom Powell, and Dr. David Batman of Virgin Pulse’s Science Advisory Board, recently teamed up to explore the topic of compassion in a webinar.  

They discussed how companies can build a culture of compassion in their workplace, including the need for empathetic leadership, and why diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging must be an integral part of any organization’s people strategy.  

The on-demand replay can be accessed ​​here.  

*Coaching and clinical care support are only available in the United States of America.  

** Full access is available only to organisations in the United States of America.