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Virgin Pulse Accelerates Safe Return-to-Workplace with VP PassportTM

Virgin Pulse, the leading global provider of corporate wellbeing SaaS solutions, today announced that it has launched VP PassportTM, a critical health, safety and crisis response platform, as part of the company’s broader Return-to-Workplace solution.  This new app, which can be configured to reflect  employer-specific cultures, structures and protocols, leverages core components of Virgin Pulse’s flagship wellbeing platform to support organisations in safely reopening their workplaces and confidently navigating the next phase of COVID-19.

With many cities, states, and nations in the process of relaxing stay-at-home orders and social distancing guidelines, employers are increasingly focused on preparing for the safe return of employees to a workplace that will look markedly different than before the COVID-19 outbreak.

“In the past two-and-a-half months, health, wellbeing and safety have taken the top spots on the critical priority list of every CEO, organisation, government, and community across the globe,” said David Osborne, CEO of Virgin Pulse. “Never before have organisations in every corner of the world had to completely rethink their workplace strategies so quickly. To support their employees today and safeguard against future disruption, employers must act urgently and fast forward to a future where health, safety and wellbeing are managed as strategic, interconnected business priorities.”

In early March, in response to market needs, Virgin Pulse delivered a number of resources and toolkits to help clients and members proactively address and prepare for the current health crisis. The company launched a public-facing COVID-19 Wellbeing Guide to encourage Virgin Pulse members and broader communities build new habits and behaviors around social distancing and handwashing while focusing on maintaining healthy routines during disruption, including physical activity, nutrition, mental health, sleep, and productivity.

“Our COVID-19 Wellbeing Guide was a fast and meaningful way to give our members tools to cope, immediately,” said Osborne. “VP Passport is an extension of that innovation. Our priority now is to deliver technology and resources that further empower employees to take responsibility for creating and maintaining safe workplaces.”

Introducing VP Passport

VP Passport is designed to streamline return-to-workplace processes and mandatory protocols and provide safety assurance for employers and employees. This highly configurable solution combines live health coaching, screening, monitoring, survey and attestation tools, content, real-time reporting and analytics to support organisations as they navigate the next phase of returning to the workplace.

Unlike existing symptom checking tools and apps, VP Passport can be configured to segment and support populations according to different parameters such as location, employee type, job function and return- to-workplace phases. This flexibility will, for example, allow organisations to support office personnel, retail workers and field service employees, as well as vendors and contractors, according to rules and timetables specific to their job type.

How Does VP Passport Work?
Upon enrollment in VP Passport, users initiate an easy-to-use, daily risk assessment workplace screener that:

  • Allows users to self-report risk assessment and exposure by answering a series of screening, contact, and health-related questions and undertaking COVID-19 symptom checking​
  • Triages employees and participants into three risk levels: Green, Yellow, and Red based on self-reported symptoms and exposure risk
  • Offers quarantine and isolation management recommendations and provides detailed guidance and resources including live health coaching; relevant interventions from partners; and employer policies, practices, and guidelines
  • Includes a real-time safety dashboard to provides business leaders with a real-time view of their workplace return readiness, including adjusting member status, displaying percentage breakdown and status history of the total population

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VP Passport will be available in June and offered on a monthly or annual per-participant subscription plan. For more information, visit VP Passport

Virgin Pulse’s Comprehensive Return-to-Workplace Solution

Virgin Pulse is committed to using its resources and expertise to improve the lives of members at a time when immediate access to testing, screening and other COVID-19 related resources has never been more critical. ​ The company’s comprehensive Return-to-Workplace solutionnot only empowers clients to effectively respond to the challenges of COVID-19, it allows them to take the first step in future-proofing their organisation for whatever comes next. VP Passport is part of Virgin Pulse’s larger Return-to-Workplace solution which encompasses:​

  • Curated Partner Options for easy, timely, and reliable deployment. Current plans include high quality COVID-19 monitoring and testing for temperature, diagnostics and antibodies; overflow telehealth capacity during high demand periods; additional on-site staff; and an expansive and growing selection of pre-configured health, wellbeing and safety partners.
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing Support​ to help build resilience during a time of isolation, fear, anxiety and  Digital and live coaching is available on a variety of topics including managing stress, reducing anxiety and dealing with depression. The app features daily tips for maintaining mental wellbeing and connects users to mental health, wellbeing and self-care resources and support.
  • Live Coaching and Digital Therapeutics for Pre-Diabetes, Weight Management and Hypertension​ solutions enable identification and support of vulnerable and at-risk members and employees through Total Health Coaching, Next Steps Consult and CDC-recognised Digital Therapeutics. Built on evidence-based best practices, the company’s clinical interventions and multi-modal solutions safely and actively engage people. ​
  • Benefits Navigation​ solution simplifies benefits access into one connected and rewarded  It delivers benefits visibility through smart recommendations and intelligent filtering and removes uncertainty about utilisation with access to live benefits support.
  • Total Health Engagement Platform​: Virgin Pulse’s flexible and extensible total health engagement platform has been enhanced for greater relevance and applicability during COVID-19 and beyond. It serves as a crucial tool to support wellbeing, connect and engage remote employees, communicate timely updates, facilitate social interactions, and enable employees to build new healthy and safe daily routines.

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About Virgin Pulse
Founded in 2004, Virgin Pulse is the world’s largest, most comprehensive digital health and wellbeing SaaS company focused on driving real outcomes for employees, employers, health plans and their members. As the industry’s only digital health and wellbeing company to fuse high-tech with high-touch, Virgin Pulse engages users every day in building and sustaining healthy habits and lifestyles and managing chronic disease. Today, Virgin Pulse supports more than six million members around the world across the entire wellbeing, health and healthcare lifecycle — from prevention to intervention to reversal. To learn more, visit Virgin Pulse and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn.