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NHS England partners with Virgin Pulse to boost employee wellbeing

  • Thousands of NHS employees have been invited to join Virgin Pulse’s digital wellbeing solution, VP GO.
  • VP GO is designed to advance employee health, safety, activity and engagement.
  • 97% of VP GO users increased their capability to cope with stress in 2020.

Last month, 215,000 London NHS employees were invited to start a new journey towards better physical and mental health with Virgin Pulse’s digital wellbeing solution, VP GO.

VP GO, one of Virgin Pulse’s most popular employee wellbeing and engagement programmes, is designed to support employees in all aspects of their physical, mental, social, emotional and financial health. This turnkey solution transforms workforces with fun, friendly, team-based competition to build healthy habits and drive collaboration across organisations.

There’s no question that the NHS has faced unprecedented challenges since COVID-19 took hold. Now, more than ever, its employees need to focus on their mental and physical health as a priority. After all, the healthier NHS employees are, the healthier our nation. 

Upon the partnership, the Wellbeing Team at London North West University Healthcare Trust said, “We’re thrilled to be able to get so many of our staff involved in the Virgin Pulse, VP GO programme. Giving staff access to the tools they need to prioritise their own physical and mental health is imperative to making sure our Trust is functioning at its best. We’re committed to investing in our employee wellbeing programme and continuing to support our staff through our partnership with Virgin Pulse.”

Jill King, Executive Director of Virgin Pulse, UKIMEA, said of the Partnership, “Changing people’s lives has always been an immense privilege but to know we’re supporting our treasured NHS after all that they have done to save and protect us is an absolute career highlight”.

While for London NHS staff the journey has just begun, overall VP GO participants made significant improvements to their health in 20201 including:

  • 97% of participants increased their ability to cope with stress
  • 80% of participants tracked daily healthy habits and created sustainable lifestyle changes
  • 91% of participants are now more aware of their organisation’s commitment to health and wellbeing

Virgin Pulse has supported 14 million members worldwide, in 21 languages across 190 countries. With employee wellbeing experts located around the world, it helps clients build the ultimate employee experience. What’s more, 95% of clients choose to partner with Virgin Pulse year after year. 

Organisations looking to get involved can sign up for our upcoming events in September and October, or anytime on demand. 

For more information on Virgin Pulse’s digital wellbeing solution, VP GO, click here.