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Virgin Pulse wins ‘Top Brand – Corporate Health Service Provider’ award

Virgin Pulse has been named the winner of the Top Brand – Corporate Health Service Provider Award of 2023 by EUPD Research. 

The award recognises corporate wellbeing providers who excel in terms of: quality of service, quality of employees, cost structure, reliability, and probability of recommendation. 

What does this mean for your business? 

You can sleep soundly at night knowing that if you work with Virgin Pulse, you’re well and truly working with the best.  

(And we’re not being biased!) 

The EUPD Research Awards is one of the most prestigious awards in Germany. 

The online voting process is held every year, allowing the top employers to vote for their favourite corporate health service provider. The most popular employers are then nominated as ‘Top Brand’ by EUPD and an expert advisory board consisting of HR professionals and business consultants. 

The final phase consists of an audit conducted by an independent third party, who will verify that the nominated employer deserves this title. 

Michael Leitner, SVP and GM at Virgin Pulse added: “We are absolutely thrilled to win the ‘Top Brand – Corporate Health Service Provider Award’.  This win reflects how our people are constantly striving to deliver the world’s #1 health and wellbeing solutions, drive real change for our customers, and develop our products even further to cater to every business’ needs.” 

Why Virgin Pulse? 

Personalised wellbeing experiences for every employee 

High engagement rates are what keep our customers around.  

Fun challenges, inspiring wellbeing content, daily tips, and reminders are just some ways we keep your people accountable and focused on their wellbeing. 

Our brains respond to daily life stresses in a manner of ways. While one employee might be battling with the realities of first-time parenting, another might be stressed about their finances.  

Every employee has individual needs, and you need to support them without 1) putting too much pressure on your HR teams and 2) a tonne of admin. 

With Virgin Pulse, every person in your workplace benefits. 

  • Your HR teams & Wellbeing Champions will be well-looked after every step of the way with our dedicated Customer Success teams. Plus, they’ll learn new tricks of the trade with our wellbeing experts 
  • Your employees get to boost their productivity, energy, and overall wellbeing with specialised wellbeing journeys, step-by-step tutorials, and healthy habit trackers 
  • Your leaders will revel in the details from your accurate reports – and yes, you’ll be able to finally prove the return on investment (ROI) AND value on investment (VOI) of your wellbeing initiatives! 

Over to you…  

Every business has specific needs, and our team of experts are on hand to show you exactly how focusing on employee wellbeing can improve every aspect of your workplace. 

Book a 1:1 demo with one of our wellbeing experts today.

We’re on a mission to change lives for good.