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Organisations all over the world unite, inspire and transform their workplace

Today, more than 220k+ employees around the world will begin a virtual journey of physical activity, healthy eating, stress resilience, sleep quality and better habits – all of these elements adding up to a better bottom line for business.

At the core of the program is Me – and Me is all about your employees. As they move through the 100 Day Journey, it takes stock of where they’re at; tracks changes to their health and performance; provides advice, as well as a benchmark to measure your investment in wellbeing.

This year, it won’t just be about members getting to the top of the ‘most active’ leaderboard, it will be about living a truly healthy lifestyle – in all aspects of wellbeing. Members will now earn points for building and maintaining healthy habits related to physical activity, nutrition, sleep, personal resilience and focus.

Over the next 100 days, organisations taking part will see their employees benefit from:

  • boosted morale
  • increased camaraderie
  • improved productivity;
  • and most importantly, healthier lifestyles.

If you’re ready to unite, inspire and transform your workplace, the next Virgin Pulse Global Challenge kicks off on 10 July, 2019.  Find out more about the Global Challenge.