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Make your meetings memorable with an iso-breaker!

If you’re one of the lucky ones able to work from home, you may be finding the daily online meetings a little mundane. Well it’s time to introduce an iso-breaker and make meetings memorable again.

How can we inject some fun into our daily or weekly catch-ups? We’ve got some ideas to get you started…

Trivia time!

If you’ve got daily or weekly team meeting, try starting the session with a dose of trivia. It can just be a quick round with 5 questions related to your organisation, current affairs, pop culture or any topic that the Quizmaster chooses! Share around the host duties with the team and start a leader board where the winner can be rewarded at the end of the week or month.

Sharing is caring

At the beginning or end of your catch-up make some time to share what books you’ve been reading, Netflix you’ve been watching, podcasts you’ve been listening to or hobbies you’ve been enjoying. Hearing what everyone is up to will inspire some meaningful conversation and connection.

Start at mime-o-clock

A stable internet connection for everyone involved is required for this, buffering internet doesn’t make a great match for charades! You can use a word generator website or app to find out what movie, TV Show, character, event or activity to act out.

Initiate a fitness challenge

This is a great way to get the team moving daily and the accountability to the rest of the group keeps everyone motivated. We’ve got a 30-day Virgin Pulse Squats Challenge you can use or alter to suit all different levels of fitness. This can be created as a standing daily appointment in the calendar or added to the start of a regular meeting. Add some party tunes to turn up the fun factor!

Theme it

This might not be viable to do every day or week but perhaps on the last day of the month you could introduce a theme to the meeting. It could be as simple as wearing hats, wearing a certain colour, having a pyjama party or inviting pets to the meeting. You could combine this with one of the other ideas to amp up the fun even more – 80s Aerobics session anyone?

Invite a guest

Open up your meeting to a new guest each week and get them to share a part of their life with the group. It could be a challenge they overcame, an interesting project they’re working on, a presentation on a topic or teaching the group a new skill. You can keep it simple by thinking about people within the group itself, the wider organisation, a past colleague, family member or friend. Arrange the first one yourself and open it up to the group to see who they’ve got in their network that might be willing to contribute.

Guess where

If your company uses Zoom or Microsoft Teams for online meetings, you can update your video background with whatever image you choose. Ask everyone to update their background with an image of their favourite holiday destination or a scene from a movie then the rest of the group has to guess where it was taken.

Show some gratitude

Get each team member to mention something or someone that they’re grateful for today. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions, relish good experiences, improve their health, deal with adversity, and build strong relationships. In addition to the mental and social benefits, it’s a great way to kick off a productive meeting.

Start with a win

It’s similar to the activity above but slightly different. Ask your team mates to share their win for the week. Whether it’s a new skill they’ve mastered, a project they completed, a lesson they learnt, a metric they improved or new person they collaborated with – big or small, it all counts as progress. This will help highlight the positive strides and progress the team is making.

These are just a few ideas to start making your meetings memorable. Start getting creative with your team and see what other ideas come to light. It’s only a matter of time until other teams and departments will start to hear about how fun and memorable your meetings are and start implementing their own iso-breakers!

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