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HR Tech Summit: technology and the future of wellbeing

What’s the role of technology in wellbeing? How can it allow organisations to support their employee’s wellbeing journey so they are empowered to bring their best selves to work?

Dr. Olivia Sackett, Virgin Pulse’s Director of Research and Insights, answered these questions at the Sydney HR Tech Summit, joined by ANZ Regional Manager Kendra Overall (both pictured opposite).

Their talk highlighted how trends in wellbeing technology allow business to cultivate cultures that thrive and are reactive in the digital age.

So what are the key priorities to consider when dealing with your HR technology provider?

From data to wisdom

The future involves pushing through data towards wisdom, assembling the numbers you receive into useful information. This makes the advice that you receive from your health and wellbeing provider more appropriate and future looking rather than retrospective.

Personal touch

HR tech is headed towards more and more personalisation; technology that asks the right questions at the right times and through the right channels.

Mobile First

Before, desktop was key. Now, employees should also be able to get health and wellbeing on the go, on their mobiles. The mobile app experience allows employees to access your program anytime, anywhere; increasing the likelihood of participation.

For more guidance on successful wellbeing, download Winning Wellbeing: a five-step guide.