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How to stay physically active while social distancing

Social distancing and self-quarantine doesn’t mean you can’t be physically active, it just means getting creative!

The unprecedented impact of COVID-19 has meant that organisations around the world have activated their work from home policy to ensure the safety of employees and limit the spread of the virus. However, it’s now more important than ever to make sure whilst we’re limiting human contact, we’re prioritising health and wellbeing.

It’s important during times of self-quarantine or social distancing that we remind employees how important it is to keep physically active.

Keeping physically active has so many benefits, including:

So how can employees make sure they’re obeying self-quarantine or social distancing instructions AND maintain a regular exercise routine? Get creative!

  1. Working from home tends to mean we get less steps as we’re not socialising, attending physical meetings or not walking very far for food or toilet breaks. So planning regular breaks throughout the day for a walk, to put on a load of washing or to check the mail will be a great way to boost daily step counts.
  2. Make it a team thing! Schedule in regular breaks in the calendar for the team whether it’s a 5-minute stretch or a quick walk around the block.
  3. If your workplace uses a social platform like Slack, Yammer or Microsoft Teams, set up a channel where colleagues can share any online workouts, virtual Yoga classes or running routes that they’ve been using. You’d be surprised how many free workouts are available online and don’t involve any gym equipment.
  4. Try setting up a stand-up desk home at home and try to alternate 1 hour sitting and 1 hour standing. You can get creative with how you set it up and encourage your employees to do so too!
  5. Set-up a company-wide 30-day squat or push-up challenge where each day employees incrementally add more squats or push-ups into their routine. Make it competitive, who can do the most after 30 days?
  6. Wellbeing challenges provide huge benefits to your organisation including competitive spirit, teamwork, collaboration, social connection and most importantly, healthier employees. Set up a wellbeing challenge to keep employees connected, motivated and healthy during times of isolation.
  7. Initiate a challenge in your organisation where employees submit videos getting creative with their home workouts, the most creative wins a prize. This will encourage activity but also a sense of competitive spirit on your organisation’s communication channels.

There are plenty of ways to get moving while house bound. Encourage your employees to think outside the box instead of outside the house.

For more tips on helping keep employees happy and healthy, download our tip sheet with simple ideas for staying energised throughout the day.