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Corporate Wellness

7 Ideas to Leverage your Wellbeing Platform to Respond to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Your employees’ engagement is directly linked to different aspects of their wellbeing — what they eat, how active they are, their relationships outside of work, and so much more.

During a stressful event like the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, their wellbeing engines aren’t firing on all cylinders and morale, productivity, workplace safety, customer experience and other critical outcomes that drive your business all suffer.

Your health and wellbeing programme can be a highly effective way to provide factual updates, improve health literacy, address concerns and communicate health events, with regards to COVID-19, and keep employees engaged during any disruption you may be experiencing.

Check out these 7 ways your organisation can take advantage of a wellbeing platform to keep your employees healthy, connected, and productive:

Create a Schedule

Utilise the calendar functionality to promote company communications, meetings or webinars about your plans to safeguard your employees for COVID-19 and support managers while their teams work remotely.

Get expert advice on workplace best practices during the coronavirus – all in our special Q&A webinar.

Stay Educated

Information is key right now. And it’s imperative that you provide factual and timely updates to all your employees, regardless of where they are. Have you got the ability to customise your wellbeing content? Don’t dally – take advantage of the feature! This way you’ll help ensure your employees are better informed and supported.

Check out our COVID-19 toolkit for best practices in the workplace.

Stay Healthy

Help your employees fight viruses by encouraging them to practice healthy behaviours that support strong immune systems. This includes promoting healthy habits related to maintaining good health and hygiene — such as hand washing, wiping down surfaces in shared spaces and disinfecting commonly touched objects like mobile phones, computer mice and laptops.

Make Healthy Habits Fun

People can’t be bored into change. And that’s where you can make a difference. Launch a company-wide workplace wellbeing challenge to keep employees engaged, socially connected and physically fit while they’re working from home. Not only will this help keep up the collaboration and team synergies, but it’ll also help employees manage through the stress and anxiety that many will experience during this time of uncertainty and physical isolation.

Create Some Excitement

Mobilise your internal wellbeing champions to get the word out about daily healthy habits employees should be practising and the best resources available to them. For an extra boost, get them posting on your platform chat, intranet or social media with pictures and videos of their healthy habits so they can inspire others to follow along!

Get Feedback

Launch a custom survey to get the pulse on how your employees are feeling. Are they getting enough support while working remotely? How is their morale? Not only will this check-in help them feel valued and supported, but it’ll also help you get meaningful insights into how they’re going to take immediate action.

Give them the resources they need

Boost your employees’ health by using your wellbeing platform to promote and connect your people to relevant support, programs and benefits that can help them tackle key stressors in life. By also equipping them with resources to support essential health areas of sleep, nutrition, exercise and mental health, you can make a difference in helping them stay healthy, productive and engaged.

Contact us today to learn more about how Virgin Pulse can support your employees and organisation during the coronavirus (COVID-19).