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Corporate Wellness

Electronic Devices Cause Stress That Affects Working Lives

Electronic devices can cause stress that affects working lives, reports leading broadsheet newspaper, The Australian.

Their recent coverage of our Waking up to the sleep problem whitepaper – based on the responses of 97,000 employees in 33 industries and 139 countries – again warns employers that constant connectivity to mobile devices and emails is bad news for sleep health and productivity.

The message comes as sleep continues to emerge as a key focus in business. One in three working-age adults regularly fail to get enough rest, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). And Harvard Medical School estimates that the cost adds up to USD $63.2 billion annually.

Dr David Batman – a member of the Science Advisory Board at Virgin Pulse Institute, and a registered Consultant Specialist in Occupational Health with expertise in psychological health at work – is cited in the article. He highlighted key issues around sleeplessness, confirming that:

  • The 24-hour connectivity cycle, and related stress, are key culprits in the sleep crisis
  • Fear of missing out makes executives and staff feel like they cannot switch off
  • The resulting sleeplessness affects concentration and productivity
  • The solution lies in changing habits and lifestyle choices – both in and out of work

Download the full whitepaper, Waking up to the sleep problem.

Or read The Australian’s article* about the report.