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Creating close-knit teams and that work family feeling

They’re not siblings. Or cousins. Actually, they’re not even related, but they very well could be. That’s the impression you get as you walk into reception and see the work family tree on the wall.

Welcome to H1 Systems. Not just your average engineering company, it’s a family centric one that supports and cares about their employees and their employees’ families.

Looking for a fun way to further connect colleagues whilst also improving health and wellbeing,

H1 Systems turned to Virgin Pulse’s employee wellbeing solutions to ensure they reached their goals.

The first roll-out of the Virgin Pulse platform took place in 2019 and it was a roaring success. H1 Systems noticed that employees were much more active but more importantly, more engaged in their day to day lives at work. After such a great experience, the company decided to take part again in 2020. But this time, they extended the invitation to employees’ families, offering to pay for their registration fees and even their fitness devices.

After partnering with the Virgin Pulse for a second year in a row, H1 Systems achieved outstanding results and found that their employees were more active, engaged, united than ever before:

  • 93% of employees now meet the recommendation of 10,000 steps per day vs. 20% pre-Virgin Pulse
  • 57% of employees now feel less stressed
  • 69% of employees reported an increase in their productivity

“Thanks to the programme, we spent more free time together than before. We went cycling, sailing and walking in the nature. We certainly became more active and strengthened team spirit!”
– Stella Kaszab, Director of HR & Marketing, H1 Systems

To find out how the Virgin Pulse gets results like these – and how you too can create a healthier, happier workforce, view the H1 Systems case study – Fostering that family feeling.