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Discover how a repeat performance on the Global Challenge has additional benefits – and why your business and employees should return for another round.

You’ll be pleased to know that repeat participation in the Global Challenge takes health and wellbeing in the workplace a step further. A second, third or fourth round on the Global Challenge can cement those healthy habits and make them stick in the long run. Global Challenge research and member results show returning members to the Global Challenge report lower stress levels, better performance, and improved sleep compared with their counterparts who only participated once.

Many Global Challengers set their sights on long-term goals and focus on making personal improvements year-on-year.

“This is my fourth time on the Global Challenge. Too often we want instant results, but the challenge is a good reminder that life is a journey, not a destination.”
Michael, Canada

The Global Challenge Final Report 2018 shows significant health and wellbeing improvements:
• Post Global Challenge, 75% of members hit 10,000+ steps a day vs. 21% pre Global Challenge
57% of members who track their weight, report losing weight, with an average loss of 3.3kg
68% of members report a decrease in stress levels at home and/or work
1 in 2 members report an increase in their productivity or concentration

While there are impressive results from a single-year participation, the momentum continues, and the improvements build year after year. For many participants on their first Global Challenge, research suggests individual focus is on team camaraderie and personal activity. With repeat participation, returning members often discover other aspects of the program, such as weight tracking features in Nutrition:

“Last year the Nutrition part of the Global Challenge clicked and I lost 15 kg. I took up cycling (on a trike!) and fitness classes – things I would never have done before.”
Ash, France

And best of all, it’s not just Global Challengers who are improving:
1 in 2 members report getting family and friends out walking more.

“I was hesitant to do the Global Challenge again but this time I challenged myself a bit more and as a result, my dog, my daughter & I are better for it!”
Sharon, UK

Offering the Global Challenge each year also gives employees who didn’t join the previous year a chance to get involved. Often, employees who were reluctant to join can see the fun and health benefits their colleagues have introduced to their life and the workplace. And it’s these individuals who often benefit the most after witnessing the success of those around them. Some perceive the Global Challenge to be ‘out-of-reach’ for their level of fitness or health, only to realise it’s in fact something everyone can be do, providing a personal health journey and team effort with their colleagues.

Anecdotal evidence from individual success stories on the Community certainly tells fellow members how the Global Challenge has helped them lead a healthier lifestyle. But seeing the health improvements of all participants on a global scale demonstrates the value of a repeat performance on the Global Challenge.

If you’d like to learn more, download our Repeat Participation Whitepaper.

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