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5 ways to create a happy workforce in 2023 

We all know the world could use a little more happiness.  

It’s too easy to lose ourselves in the everyday stresses of meeting deadlines, making sure we’re doing our best, and just surviving.  

But often, you can find happiness in the tiniest ways: a smile shared between strangers, telling someone a cheesy joke, complimenting a friend, or even just the taste of a freshly-made coffee.  

And at work? It’s no different. There are many of ways you can create a happy workforce – whether they’re working remotely or in the office. 

5 ways to create a happy workforce all-year round 

#1 People make people happy 

One of the most important paths to happiness involves being kind to someone else.  

Think about it. Donating to charity, helping someone with their work, giving someone advice – it all centres around you spreading joy, whether you mean to or not.   

If you see someone upset or think someone is under a lot of pressure, take 5 minutes to listen to them. Suggest going for a walk – even if it’s a virtual one! Make someone a cup of tea or coffee just because. You’ll feel great for it, and so will the other person. 

#2 Get that Vitamin D 

Natural light makes your brain happy, so make sure your office is flooded with sunshine every day!  

It doesn’t matter if it’s cloudy outside—sunshine is sunshine. Side note: Make sure you remember to wear sunscreen all-year too! 

In the office all day? Take a walk at lunch. Work night shifts? Eat more fish and veggies packed with Vitamin D! Working from home? Sit near a window! 

#3 Encourage employees to take breaks  

For years, studies have shown that breaks lead to great productivity and less burnout.  

For some people, the idea of a 15-minute break or a quick walk outside means “less time working”. But actually? You’ll get more out of your people by allowing them that freedom.  

In fact, it’s proven that fatigued employees hugely benefit from “microbreaks.” Occasional 5-minute breaks increase energy and a great likelihood of setting and achieving work goals. 

#4 Keep on top of 1:1s with managers 

Stress is the new smoking. A habit that can lead to fatalities – it’s really no joke.  

Talking with a manager about issues – professionally or personally – can really help take some of the hardship away.  

#5 Plan & communicate fun events (remote or in-person!)  

Everyone loves a party, right?  

Free food, getting to know your team a little better, and probably ending the night dancing with your work bestie to a 90s tune that you “swear you know the dance routine” to.   

Social events keep your teams engaged. They know it’s a time to celebrate their achievements and keeps the ‘buzz’ going! Suggestions for remote? We did a virtual murder mystery party, quiz etc… 

Need a quick ‘pick-me-up’? Become happier in 5 minutes 

Become happier in 5 minutes. Just try this exercise – and make sure you share it with a friend! 

  1. Be mindful  

Relax your breathing and your shoulders. Unclench your jaw.  

Ask yourself: How are you feeling right now? 

2. Be grateful  

Look around you. List 3 things you’re thankful for. 

3. Be kind 

First, think about yourself. Name one thing you love about yourself.  

Then, think about a loved one. Message or call them to show your appreciation. 

At Virgin Pulse, we’re on a mission to change lives for good. And that starts with the heart of your business – your employees.  

A whopping 62% of organisations saw considerable improvements in employee engagement – that’s that little bit of happiness we were talking about! 😉 

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