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3 tips to drive business results with employee wellbeing in 2018

As you aim to be more productive, learn new skills, and take up new hobbies in the new year, it’s a great time to set new and exciting plans for your organisation. What are your employee wellbeing goals for 2018? How is your HR department going to make an impact on business outcomes this year?   

Here are three things to focus on for employee wellbeing to drive business success in 2018.


Employee programs that consider a variety of wellbeing pillars – not only physical but also mental, social, financial and more – mark and important shift of the employers’ role in their workforce’s health.

Employees are able to perform at their peak when they have the tools to manage stress, be emotionally and financially stable and feel connected to the people around them. Because holistic wellbeing programs address all aspects of health, employers have noticed increased engagement from employees, who might be looking to improve in multiple areas of their lives.   

In the recent survey report, The Business of Healthy Employees – A Survey of Workplace Health Prioritiesmental health programs have topped the list as the most popular offering over physical activity programs for the first time in five years of conducting this survey.  

As holistic wellbeing offerings grow year over year, it’s safe to say that continuing to expand and invest in your employee’s mental health in 2018 can have drastic positive impacts on workplace productivity and ultimately organizational wellbeing.  


It’s no secret that your people are the key to your organisation’s success. When individuals are mentally and physically well, they can bring their best selves to work every day. If your employees are not active, sleeping well, or mentally healthy, they will lack the energy and focus to continuously improve their performance and help you drive the business outcomes that matter most.

Did you know that 90% of employees believe their wellbeing programs positively affect work culture? And 85% of organisations measuring outcomes of wellbeing programs say they have a high impact on employee engagement.

How canleadingwellbeing strategies impact your people in 2018 

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 Wellbeing serves as the foundation for driving company success but is also key to a thriving corporate culture. Wellbeing programs impact each individual and also impact how employees collectively engage and collaborate in and out of the office.

How can you create a healthy and thriving company culture? Try implementing wellbeing initiatives, group incentives, healthy competition, and corporate activities that excite and accommodate employees from all walks of life.   

In 2018 set goals that continue to create and/or foster an authentic culture of wellbeing 

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Brendan Lau is a Marketing Intern at Virgin Pulse and is currently a student at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. When Brendan isn’t working or studying, he enjoys playing the drums, making music, and spending quality time with family and friends.