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Podcasts to take your HR skills to the next level

Working from home? Take the opportunity to learn and grow as a HR professional with podcasts from the experts.

Many people are working from home now, but just because you’re away from the office doesn’t mean you can’t continue to develop your skills as a HR professional. We’ve compiled these HR podcasts to keep your mind sharp in all areas of employee wellbeing. Whether you listen while you’re making your morning coffee, taking a break from your screen, or getting in some steps on a short walk – you’ll walk away with actionable insights and ideas to better support your people’s health, happiness, engagement and productivity!

Workplace wellbeing
Digital Health Today podcast – Changing Workplace Habits with Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation with Rajiv Kumar
HR Happy Hour on Alexa podcast – World Happiness Index with Steve Boese
HRchat Podcast – The Evolution of Workplace Wellness with David Osborne and Rajiv Kumar, Virgin Pulse
Tanveer Naseer, Leadership Business Cafe podcast — Why Employee Health And Wellness Needs To Become A Critical Leadership Priority with David Osborne
iHeartRadio Podcast with Ron St. Pierre — Spotlight on Business with David Osborne
WorldatWork podcast – The HR Horror Show with with David Osborne
Returns on Wellbeing podcast with Jim Purcell, Workplace Wellbeing with Rajiv Kumar
Catalyst Health, Wellness and Performance Podcast, The Future of Wellness, with Rajiv Kumar
Peter Attia Podcast – Matthew Walker, Ph.D., on sleep – Part I of III: Dangers of poor sleep, Alzheimer’s risk, mental health, memory consolidation, and more
Peter Attia Podcast – AMA with Jason Fried: Work-life balance, avoiding burnout, defining success, company culture, and more
O.C. Tanner – The WorkPlace podcast – Compassion and connection with Tiffany Mattick
Healthcare Weekly: At the Forefront of Healthcare Innovation — Keeping Employees Health with Virgin Pulse
WELCOA Cast – Supporting employees in their wellness goals is no longer seen as a nice to have, it is an expectation. David Osborne and Rajiv Kumar
Making Positive Psychology Work by Michelle McQuaid
The Happiness Lab with Yale Professor, Dr Laurie Santos

Employee experience & culture
Culture First Podcast by Culture Amp – Stories for a better world of work
Josh Bersin on The New World of Employee Experience: Where The Engagement Market Is Going (2019)
HR Happy Hour on Alexa – New Research showing what workplace features and amenities are most valuable to employees with Steve Boese
Josh Bersin — The future of HR and work with Josh Bersin – The Talent Development Hot Seat podcast with Andy Storch.

Productivity & engagement
HR Happy Hour podcast – Virgin Pulse Thrive Summit Report: Helping Employees Thrive 2018
O.C. Tanner – The WorkPlace podcast – How habits shape us with Charles Duhigg.
How I work by Amantha Imber – Practical tips and insights on how the world’s most successful people manage their day

Meditation & mindfulness
Ten percent happier podcast with Dan Harris
Untangle with Patricia Karpas & Ariel Garten
Meditation minis – short bite-sized guided meditations by Chel Hamilton
Smiling Mind daily meditation and mindfulness exercises.

Leadership & self-development
Infinite potential by Deepak Chopra
Cultivating resilience & emotional agility on the Good Life Project by Susan David
The Occupational Olivia Podcast exploring work, career, psychology & business
The Shift Series with Kemi Nekvapil
Vulnerable, Brave & Awake by Brene Brown
Dare to Lead by Brene Brown