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Workplace Wellbeing

Get ready to Warm-up

The sense of excitement and anticipation before the Global Challenge begins can create quite a buzz in the office. Regular Global Challengers look forward to seeing if they can go one better than last year. But first-timers might not know what to expect. That’s where Warm-up steps in.

With Warm-up, everyone can get involved together before the main event – to get a taste of what’s to come.

Warm-up focuses on team success – not individual activity – yet it still gives members the opportunity to see how the Global Challenge works.

On Warm-up, members can:

  • Try out their activity tracker – pair it, wear it and sync steps
  • Plan new healthy activities – add walks, join the gym, try yoga or team sports
  • Check out all the extra activities with 50+ step conversions

And joining Warm-up will help members get a head start on the competition – with bonus points that carry over to the main event.

Warm-up means business

For those who are organising the Global Challenge for their workplace, Warm-up helps to get starter kits delivered, with plenty of time to spare before the main event.

Employee participation, along with promotional material, makes the Global Challenge more visible and enticing for those who may be reluctant to join – or they may sign up to Warm-up to see if they might like the real thing.

Employees can prepare

Warm-up is a good time for employees to familiarise themselves with their activity tracker, the app, and their existing daily activity. It can also add extra motivation to prepare for the main event. They can dust off their old bike and pump up the tyres – or get a new pair of walking or running shoes.

Team time

Don’t forget – a new health routine should be fun – not a chore. So that’s why Warm-up focuses on a team element with a Team of 7. Members are more likely to commit when they’re having fun and sharing the experience.

Warm-up – the perfect preparation to trial a new health routine in time for the main event – the Global Challenge.