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We’ve cracked the code on activation and engagement

In a world of increased isolation and distractions, getting and staying connected is a top priority for organsations invested in people’s health and wellbeing.

With a 54% jump in satisfaction scores for members who engage with a health plan and 60% lower turnover for engaged employees, organisations can’t afford to keep the status quo.

We are the masters of activation, getting people motivated and more involved in their own health and wellbeing. We’ve activated hundreds of millions of people over the last decade and helped achieve clients’ business objectives like increasing retention, closing gaps and growing revenue. 

We are also the leaders in engaging people with a 50% average engagement rate for several years running. By weaving relevant and trusted support into our member’s lives, we are able to drive meaningful change and measurable health outcomes.

An activated and engaged population means:

  • Resilient, more productive employees

  • Stronger, more loyal members

  • Healthier, and happier minds

With billions of interactions under our belt, Virgin Pulse activates and engages with:

More predictive data

We have increased programme utilisation by up to 400% by predicting who will most likely take action with up to 90% accuracy.

More intelligent approach

Machine learning and AI have made it possible for us to anticipate need AND intent – allowing us to create personalised journeys and reach members when and where they need support to drive activation.

More effective outreach

Our multi-channel, multi-cycle communications engine reaches people in the moments that matter via their preferred digital or offline channel. This type of outreach engages members while making them feel seen, understood and cared for.

More efficient technology

Our platform helps you drive actions that matter while dramatically reducing the time, cost and effort required to achieve measurable results.

More diverse programming

We integrate your wellbeing, conditions management, benefits navigation, partner programmes and point solutions into a smart, open, flexible and “better together” ecosystem.

Time to activate change.

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